Psychological Diagnosis and  Psychotherapy in Berlin

I am a English speaking Clinical Psychologist licensed by Berufsverband Deutscher Psychologinnen und Psychologen in Berlin. 

Also I have been certified in Berlin as a Heilpraktiker beschränkt auf das Gebiet der Psychotherapie, and Sexologist, following my education at international schools in Poland, England, USA and Germany.


To further increase my qualifications, I have been doing internships and attending several workshops.

Over 10 years of experience in psychological work. Since 2018, I currently live in Berlin

  • Clinical Psychologist (MSc)

  • Therapist

  • Sexologist


My practice is registered and licensed in Berlin. 

Agata Slezak - English speaking Clinical Psychologist - Therapist - Sexologist

Clinical Work Experience 

  • City Hospital - Psychologist Treatment Ward of the Alcohol Abstinence and Drug Addiction Treatment Centre

  • Mental health outpatient clinic - Psychologist Department of Children and Youth

  • Clinical Children's Hospital - Psychological care for children and adolescents Department of Children and Youth 

  • Clinical University Hospital - Psychologist for Adult Psychiatry Department of Psychogeriatry and Adult Psychiatry

  • University Clinical Hospital of the Medical University - Department palliative care and oncohematology 

  • SP ZOZ Central Clinical Hospital of the Medical University - Diagnostic and Observation Department of the Affective and Psychotic Disorders Clinic


Academic Background

  • Master's degree - Clinical psychology (Equivalency to German master's degree in clinical psychology certified by BDP e.V.) - Maria Grzegorzewska University Warsaw 

  • Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie (State Diploma in Psychotherapy, non-medical, HeilprG)

  • Specialization -  Sociotherapy and Psychotherapy for children and adolescents - Krakow Center Psychodynamic, Psychodynamic Studies

  • Specialization - Practical Sexology- diagnostic and therapy - University of Social Sciences and Humanities SWPS University 


Additional qualifications and courses

  • Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) - Elmira Strange, MPhil
  • Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT) - Elmira Strange, MPhil
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) - Elmira Strange, MPhil
  • Treating Couples: Surmounting Challenges - Harvard Medical School

  • Sex, Sexuality and Gender: The Transition to Adulthood - Harvard Medical School

  • General Psychiatric Management for BPD - Harvard Medical School

  • Gesetzeskunde ( Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie) - HPA Heilpraktiker Akademie

  • Inside Out: Harnessing Brainpower in CBT- Oxford Cognitive Therapy Centre

  • Adapting CBT for Depression to Work With Individuals With Comorbid Personality Disorder Features - Oxford Cognitive Therapy Center

  • Learning How to Feel Good: How to Build Positivity in Depressed Clients with CBT - Oxford Cognitive Therapy Center

  • Helping Those Who Suffer With Suicidal Ideas- Oxford Cognitive Therapy Center

  • Anxiety and depression disorders in adults, diagnosis and psychological therapy - CENTRUM special clinic for psychotherapy and psychiatry

  • Diagnosis and therapy of suicidal behavior in adolescents and adults - CENTRUM special clinic for psychotherapy and psychiatry

  • Conflict psychology, stress management, techniques of social influence - GROM Group

  • Neuropsychology in clinical practice - Training center for clinical psychologists at the Central Clinical Hospital of the University of Lodz

  • Forensic Neuropsychology - Training center for clinical psychologists at the Central Clinical Hospital of the University of Lodz

  • Psychological assessment standards in family and care matters - Education Center for Law and Forensic Medicine

  • Expert opinion of the psychological expert in civil litigation - Education Center for Law and Forensic Medicine

  • Treatment of children with sex trauma - Slonie na Balkonie Foundation

  • Educator In Educational Establishments For Children and Youth - Edukator Gliwice

Professional memberships