Couples therapy in Berlin

Experiencing difficulties in your relationship?

Couples Therapy can provide the support and guidance couples need to confront issues, build trust and create sustainable change. Through different methods such as individual biographical assessments and couple dynamics, relational issues between partners can be explored – allowing for greater understanding and healthier communication.

Through our sessions we can work on specific issues such as:

- Changing relationship structure
- Infidelity
- Divorce / Separation
- Constant Fighting
- Sex and Aging
- Conflict resolution
- Renegotiating relationship structure
- Poor Communication
- Lack of Trust
- Fear of Commitment
- Intimacy Issues
- Different sexual preferences

During my sessions, we will take a look at our individual biography and history of the couple also will look at the couple dynamics. I want to make sure that every person experiences joy within their relationships by providing professional guidance tailored just for them. 

If you're looking for english speaking therapist in Berlin to improve your relationship, contact me today for more information on how I can help. Together, we can work towards a healthier, more meaningful relationship. No matter the difficulty of the situation, I'm here to guide you and your partner through this journey towards lasting positive change. Let's make the journey one full of growth and understanding.