Toxic relationships

We can always try to fix relationships. A sincere conversation with a partner and confessing to our feelings are the second step. The first is to be aware that our relationship is going in the wrong direction, to admit to ourselves that our partner is toxic. A healthy relationship is work for two people.

But what if the partner does not want to change?
The answer is brutally simple. Not every relationship survives.

Specific signs of a toxic relationship


Controls, checks and evaluates. Jealousy is so strong that you can only have friends of your gender. You can't wear clothes that are considered provocative, you can't put on makeup. He controls your messages and who you meet with. It is not dictated by concern. It also often slanders your acquaintances to have only for themselves. There are often attempts to isolate you from friends and family. I want to control with who and when you have the right to meet.

Your fault

In every quarrel in each conflict he will prove your guilt. There is no compromise, he will not ask you. He will manipulate the situation until he wins.

Emotional Violence

If he is angry he stops talking. Even many days are silent. This is your punishment. Silence is a psychic violence. It is aimed at forcing specific behaviors on the partner. Emotional blackmail, manipulation and guilt. He will use everything to win.

Physical violence

Intimidation, destruction of objects, showing weapons. Any physical violence should be the first step to taking a break from your partner. There is no right for discussion here.

What is yours is mine and what is mine is mine.

You have common money but you don't have access to it or you can't decide for yourself what you want to spend it on. He spends your money not counting in your opinion. If you haven’t access to money you earn, this violence. If you take care of yours child and don't work, your partner should give you access to money. Taking care of home and child is also a job.

Losing Your Own ME

At some point you are afraid to have your opinion, you stop buying clothes you like, your music, your hobby. Everything is bad. You are rejected so you try to adapt. He shows his dissatisfaction when you want to spend time not after his thoughts. You both have to devote your free time to what he wants.

Manipulation of feelings

Before others, he tries to show the perfect relationship. You start to realize your partner is behaving differently at home. In the midst of people, it aims to show you as a lucky person and himself as a perfect partner. At home, he will not give you feelings, you will feel hunger. He don't want to talk about relationship issues, He don't show you feelings, I keep you at a distance.


When your partner uses arguments that are designed to hurt you. Uses facts from the past to prove the right.


Only one side counts goals and dreams. Your work, school, hobby, future plans are irrelevant or stupid. You both have to concentrate on the goals of one side.