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The goal of psychotherapy is to help you deal with past and present challenges more effectively and make future decisions that will make you feel better. You will receive support in making decisions necessary to improve your well-being and deal with what blocks you in life.

In therapy and counselling, I am primarily guided by solution and resource-oriented work. My therapeutic style is based on CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), I like to also integrate in my approach elements of Schema Therapy, mindfulness and DBT. I am passionate about my work and am curious to discover and try new things.

It is not easy to answer the question of how long individual psychotherapy lasts - it depends on individual factors, including the patient's approach. Motivation to change, willingness to take time to think about issues related to therapy between sessions - all these can significantly affect the duration of psychotherapy.

I'm not here to judge you. We try to create an atmosphere of trust that allows you to open up. Your time and your space.
I look forward to meeting you.

Agata Slezak - Clinical Psychologist (MSc), Psychotherapist and Sexologist


Individual therapy

Individual psychotherapy allows the psychotherapist to fully focus on the patient. The first step is to book an initial consultation.

During the first consultation, we will talk about your life situation: Why do you want to start therapy?



Sex therapy

The goal is to help people overcome physical and emotional challenges to improve the patient's quality of sex life.
Sex therapy can help reformulate sexual challenges and increase sexual satisfaction.

I conduct sexual therapy in the form of individual meetings or as part of therapy for couples.

Couples therapy

The goal is to solve the problem together, improve the quality of the relationship or improve communication between partners and other relationship issues.

During my sessions, we will take a look at our individual biography and history of the couple also will look at the couple dynamics.


Group therapy

Group therapies are delivered as combination therapy with individual sessions. Treatment as a combination therapy offers significant advantages over a single treatment. In this way, science-based "group factors" (solidarity, sharing hope, information sharing, learning from each other, enhancing self-esteem, etc.) can support and promote treatment.

Group therapy is just as effective as individual therapy for many conditions, including:
-relationship difficulties
-post traumatic symptoms
-improving self-esteem


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Appointments can be requested via email or by phone. Please contact me if you have any questions. 

Psychology - Psychotherapy - Sexology