Psychological Diagnosis and  Psychotherapy in Berlin

I am a English speaking Psychologist licensed by Berufsverband Deutscher Psychologinnen und Psychologen in Berlin. 

Also I have been certified in Berlin as a Heilpraktiker beschränkt auf das Gebiet der Psychotherapie, and Sexologist, following my education at international schools in Poland, England, USA and Germany.


My journey in the field of clinical psychology involved traveling across the country to gain invaluable experience from the finest hospitals. This pursuit of excellence in various clinical settings has significantly enriched my professional expertise.

To further increase my qualifications, I have been doing internships and attending several workshops.

Over 10 years of experience in psychological work. Since 2018, I currently live in Berlin

  • Clinical Psychologist (MSc)
  • Therapist
  • Sexologist


My practice is registered and licensed in Berlin. 

English speaking Clinical Psychologist - Therapist - Sexologist 

Agata Slezak


Appointments can only be made upon request, please send an e-mail. 

Please contact me if you have any questions.

Clinical Work Experience 

  • City Hospital - Psychologist Treatment Ward of the Alcohol Abstinence and Drug Addiction Treatment Centre

  • Mental health outpatient clinic - Psychologist Department of Children and Youth

  • Clinical Children's Hospital - Psychological care for children and adolescents Department of Children and Youth 

  • Clinical University Hospital - Psychologist for Adult Psychiatry Department of Psychogeriatry and Adult Psychiatry

  • University Clinical Hospital of the Medical University - Department palliative care and oncohematology 

  • SP ZOZ Central Clinical Hospital of the Medical University - Diagnostic and Observation Department of the Affective and Psychotic Disorders Clinic


Academic Background

  • Master's degree - Clinical psychology (Equivalency to German master's degree in clinical psychology certified by BDP e.V.) - Maria Grzegorzewska University Warsaw 

  • Heilpraktikerin für Psychotherapie (State Diploma in Psychotherapy, non-medical, HeilprG) Berlin

  • SpecializationSociotherapy and Psychotherapy for children and adolescents - Krakow Center Psychodynamic, Psychodynamic Studies

  • Specialization - Practical Sexology- diagnostic and therapy - University of Social Sciences and Humanities SWPS University 


Additional qualifications and courses


  • Treating Couples: Surmounting Challenges - Harvard Medical School

  • Sex, Sexuality and Gender: The Transition to Adulthood - Harvard Medical School

  • General Psychiatric Management for BPD - Harvard Medical School

  • Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) - Elmira Strange, MPhil
  • Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT) - Elmira Strange, MPhil
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) - Elmira Strange, MPhil
  • Gesetzeskunde ( Heilpraktiker für Psychotherapie) - HPA Heilpraktiker Akademie

  • Inside Out: Harnessing Brainpower in CBT- Oxford Cognitive Therapy Centre

  • Adapting CBT for Depression to Work With Individuals With Comorbid Personality Disorder Features - Oxford Cognitive Therapy Center

  • Learning How to Feel Good: How to Build Positivity in Depressed Clients with CBT - Oxford Cognitive Therapy Center

  • Helping Those Who Suffer With Suicidal Ideas- Oxford Cognitive Therapy Center

  • Anxiety and depression disorders in adults, diagnosis and psychological therapy - CENTRUM special clinic for psychotherapy and psychiatry

  • Diagnosis and therapy of suicidal behavior in adolescents and adults - CENTRUM special clinic for psychotherapy and psychiatry

  • Conflict psychology, stress management, techniques of social influence - GROM Group

  • Neuropsychology in clinical practice - Training center for clinical psychologists at the Central Clinical Hospital of the University of Lodz

  • Forensic Neuropsychology - Training center for clinical psychologists at the Central Clinical Hospital of the University of Lodz

  • Psychological assessment standards in family and care matters - Education Center for Law and Forensic Medicine

  • Expert opinion of the psychological expert in civil litigation - Education Center for Law and Forensic Medicine

  • Treatment of children with sex trauma - Slonie na Balkonie Foundation

  • Educator In Educational Establishments For Children and Youth - Edukator Gliwice

Professional memberships


Professional psychological memberships refer to affiliations with organizations or associations that are dedicated to the field of psychology. These memberships are typically held by individuals who are practicing psychologists, researchers, or academics in the field. Being a member of such organizations often signifies a certain level of professional standing, commitment to ongoing education, and adherence to ethical standards.